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Curse of the Marionette

Title: Curse of the Marionette (2/?)
Author: haepi_kyuhyuk
Genre: Tragedy, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Focus: hyukhae
Summary: Hyukjae knew he shouldn’t get too attached to Donghae. But it was literally impossible to ignore his little cute lip biting (which sometimes turned extremely sexy at times) and his cute little remarks that really did sound like a five year old. And besides, it was too late to turn around as if he never met him before. It was too late to change that fact that he already loved him. He was already too attached.

“Of course I love you Donghae.” Hyukjae felt Donghae hug tighter as he said these words. “Who wouldn’t love someone like you?”

“Can I kiss you Eunhyukkie?”

So much for not getting too attached.

“Do you want to?” Hyukjae asked cautiously. 

“Yes! Donghae loves Eunhyukkie!”

Hyukjae slowly unwrapped himself from Donghae as Donghae pushed himself up and kissed him on the cheek, one by one.

“Yay! I kissed Eunhyukkie!” Donghae laughed, running around happily once he was done.

As Hyukjae watched Donghae play with the flowers on the sidewalk, he knew that there was absolutely no way he could turn back and just change his life, back to the way it always was.

He was way too attached to Donghae.

And it was too late to change that fact.


“Hyukjae come here.”

“WHAAAT.” Hyukjae yelled from his room. He was much too lazy to go anywhere in his house, much less stand up from his beanbag chair. It was almost ten o’clock and his father had just come home from work.

“Hyukjae come down here this instant!”

Hyukjae grumbled as his father used his ‘King Lee Donghyun’ voice. He pealed himself off of the comfy beanbag chair and ran down the stairs to wherever his father was.

Jumping from the fifth stair and landing on his feet, he found his father in the family room, looking cross as he always did.

“What is it fa-”

Hyukjae froze as his father turned around and showed him a picture of Donghae kissing him on his father’s iPhone.
“Um, I can explain-”

“There is no need to Hyukjae. I see perfectly well what is going on. I had just been walking out of the hospital to pick something up from the pharmacy close by and this is what I see. A boy kissing you. And you letting him kiss you! This is a large disgrace to our family. Gay! I should have known you were different. And you thought that I would never find out didn’t you? Terrible. Just terrible.”

Listening to his father bash about how bad gayness was made Hyukjae mad.

“What are you going to do about it father? Throw another vase at me?” Hyukjae spat.

If looks could kill, Hyukjae would have been dead by now. His father gave him such a nasty look that Hyukjae almost regretted saying those last few words.

But before his father could open his mouth to say anything, Hyukjae began his speech that he had been wanting to say for a long time.

“I’m leaving this place. I’m going to go find mother and I never want to see you ever again. You aren’t my father if you can’t even accept gay people. Good night.”

Hyukjae stormed out, and went up the stairs to get his things. He wasn’t kidding when he said those things. He was going to leave right now.

“How do you possibly think you’re going to find your mother?” his father stopped him at the door once Hyukjae was ready.

Slinging his large Nike bag across his shoulder, Hyukjae smirked, copying the way Yeonki did it.

“I was looking around the house and I found some things that would help me. Good night!”


Hyukjae literally skipped his way over to the dock. He opened his bag for a sip of water and flipped through the things that he had found at his house. He had been collecting things that he found that were from his mother and now it was definitely worth it. His mother had maps and drawings of a place called Templeton Taedh Island, so that was where Hyukjae assumed she was. There were pamphlets and sketches of what the island was like, and even a notebook on how to get there. He wasn’t sure why she wanted to go to such a creepy island that was so far away, but he just wanted to see his mother.

She might not be alive.

But it doesn’t matter.

Stealing a boat from the shore, he untied the knot and adjusted the sails. He let the wind take the boat out into the sea, and from there he decided to check his compass.

“East…Okay. That way then. Let’s go to the East Sea!”

East Sea…


Twisting the sail and making the boat turn to face east, Hyukjae sat back down in the boat. It was quite old from the looks of it, and it only had those mini bench things for sitting. It was made of wood, nothing fancy but at least it wasn’t leaking.   

He closed his eyes as the relaxing waters drifted him towards the island.

This is going to be easy. I’ll get there in no time!

He couldn’t have been more wrong.


Donghae woke up with a strange feeling in his stomach. Feeling around for his clock, he picked it up and stared at the time.


“Hyung, why didn’t you wake me up? I’m late now!” 

Donghae flipped out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans. Patting his hair down with his hands, he shoved a piece of toast in his mouth and flew out of the door.

Late again! Eunhyukkie is not going to be happy.

He cautiously went to where he always met up with Hyukjae, but the other wasn’t there.

He waited some more but Hyukjae was nowhere to be found.


No answer.

Donghae decided to just go to school, thinking that Hyukjae was already there.

He wasn’t.

He was worried sick during all his classes, and when school ended, he went straight for Hyukaje’s mansion. Stepping carefully through the garden and making sure he wasn’t distracted by the fountain and statue, he knocked on the grand door.

A large, tall, very important looking man answered the door. He narrowed his eyes when he saw Donghae.

“Hello.” The man answered sternly.

“Um, I just-”

“If it’s about Hyukjae then he isn’t here. He’s run away to go look for his mother.”


“You should go home. He’s not coming back for a long time.”

Donghae felt his stomach drop and he looked down at the ground.

“Okay. Thank you.”

The wonderful garden didn’t seem so beautiful anymore as he left the palace like house.


Donghae turned back and saw the man still standing at the door. 

“If…if you ever find Hyukjae…tell him that his father loves him.”


Donghae watched as the man turned his head away and closed the door.

Whoever the man was…he seemed a little intimidating but Donghae noticed that he had begun to cry.


Donghae managed to stumble back home, the sinking feeling never leaving him. For some reason he felt like this was his own fault when he knew it wasn’t. Kicking at the floor angrily, he walked around the corner and went to his dimly lit house.

The mail box was slightly opened.

Curious, he went over and took out whatever was inside.

It was just a piece of paper with ink scrawled over it.

Sent to him.

Picking it up gingerly, he closed the top of the mail box and pulled out his keys. Yanking open the door, he went up to his room and threw the paper on his desk.

He sat down and sighed, unfolding the paper. His eyes widened as he read the content.

Dearest Lee Donghae,

I bet you woke up and ran to where we usually meet in the morning, only to never find me. I know you continued to look for me, thinking I was hiding from you or something but you couldn’t find me. I know you even decided to go to my house and ask my maid where I was and if I was okay. I know you’re at your house reading this with a strange expression on your face, wondering where I am and how I know all this.

Well, first of all, I’m Hyukjae so I know everything. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Anyways, second of all, I’m sorry I caused you all this trouble. I’m perfectly fine and healthy. I just had a fight with my father and I now know that I will definitely be doing what I always wanted to do.

Right now, I’m going to an island called Templeton Taedh Island on a little boat that I borrowed, looking for my mother. I have maps and pictures of where and how to get there so I’m fine.

Don’t come looking for me. It’s going to be dangerous.

I’ll be back soon.

Remember, don’t come looking for me.

Don’t you dare Donghae.

I love you.


Donghae gulped as he read the part on the island. Templeton Taedh Island? Donghae could only see the ‘Taedh’ part as a word with the same letters as ‘Death’.

Was that supposed to mean something?

Stroking the words ‘I love you’ on the paper with his finger, he pulled his warmest jacket on and stuffed his gloves in his pocket.

“What do you mean ‘don’t come looking for me’ Eunhyukkie? Of course I’ll come for you. I love you.”


The rain was pouring, making his vision terribly blurry. He lost his footing as he tried to control the mast and the sail, which wasn’t easy at all in this crazy wind. His clothes clung on to him, and his hair was all over the place.

Twice, Hyukjae had gotten lost and four times his boat almost sunk. He was hungry and cold.

He continuously thought of going back. The journey there was too scary, so frightening. He thought he was going to die.

But still, he continued on.

Lightning struck and he felt his heart thud just as heavily. His wiped his eyes with his sleeve, although it didn’t help much.

He pulled out the picture of his mother, and bit his lip. He thought about Donghae and wondered what he was doing. He thought about his father and the maid who always took care of him, even when he was always pissed.

I want to go home…

No. I shan’t. I will not go home until I see my mother.

He closed his eyes and tried to picture his mother, proud and happy, waiting for him to come. He thought of Donghae who would be waiting for him back at Korea. And he thought of his father who would never think horribly of him again.

Squinting as he opened his eyes again, he watched the sun slowly set and he sighed.

Then suddenly, he saw a glimpse of an island.

Templeton Taedh Island..?

His heart almost leaped out of his body. He was just that happy.


Throwing the map on the bottom of the boat, he couldn’t stop smiling as he headed for the island.


Donghae wasn’t having much fun either. With his brother’s boat that he borrowed, he just barely managed a storm, terrible rain and wind conditions and even attacking sharks.

He couldn’t believe that Hyukjae was going down this same sea to go to Templeton Taedh Island.

“Eunhyukkie..?” he whispered. “Eunhyukkie..? I’m coming for you! Just wait Eunhyukkie, I love you!”

Donghae gripped the paddle harder as he whispered the last three words.
“I love you...”


Hyukjae crumbled to the soft sand beneath him when he reached land. His lips were cracked and bleeding. His foot was asleep, and his legs weren’t helping him either.

He needed water.


Crawling over the sand, he pulled out the pot and dunked water into it. He crawled again to get some fire wood and somehow managed to get a fire started.

Boiling the water, he waited until he was so impatient that he just drank the hot water without waiting for it to cool.

His lips burning, he brought his dirty sleeve over to his mouth to wipe the water all over his face.


Only the birds sang back to him as he lay down on his back, the energy draining out of him.


He closed his eyes, feeling as if he was still in the boat with the crazy waves. Trying to calm himself, he took a few deep breaths.

“Mother…I came all the way here to see you…are you proud? I love you…”

He took one last calm breath and sat in front of the fire, remembering the day when his father had scolded him for being out in the snow so much.  


If Donghae hadn’t seen the other boat heading East at the last minute, he would have been lost. Following the boat, he steered the boat carefully with the paddles.

As the wind carried the boat closer to the other boat, he relaxed his arm muscles and took out Hyukjae’s last minute letter to him.

I love you…

Do you love me Eunhyukkie? Do you really love me?

What is love?

Thinking about love made him tired, and he decided to go to sleep. Checking the sails and the wind, he closed his eyes, and felt himself in a weird sensation, as if he was going into the future.



Hyukjae’s voice was hoarse by the time he walked around half of the island. He fell back down on the sand, wondering if his mother really was here.


Covering his face with his hands, he thought again why he was here and what he was doing here without his Donghae. He missed him dearly.

Minutes passed in silence as Hyukjae thought in shame about the huge mistake he had made. He should have stayed in Korea with his father and Donghae like the good boy he was. He should of never decided to go meet his mother, she was obviously long gone. He should have never asked his maid why his mother had died. He should of never been born in this cruel world…


Hyukjae whipped his head back. He thought he had heard a very faint voice somewhere calling his name but he couldn’t’ see anything.


There it was again.


Taking a crazy guess, Hyukjae got up and whispered back,


“Sorry, it’s me.”

Hyukjae turned around and saw Donghae, who looked like he just saw a ghost but was forcing a smile on.
“Donghae! What are you doing here! You look like you just saw a dead ghost or something, are you okay? I told you not to come looking for me! It’s dangerous! What did you think you were doing, coming here like that! Oh Donghae, I missed you, but-”

“Eunhyukkie! I missed you too! Oh I’m okay. I just feel a bit...queasy I guess that’s all. Well, when you said not to come, I knew that I had to because-”

Hyukjae shook his head, and crashed into Donghae, giving him a huge hug.


Hyukjae wrapped his arms tightly around the other, and Donghae froze. But he slowly hugged Hyukjae back, blinking away tears that were starting to form in his eyes.


“I missed you Donghae. I really missed you.”

“I missed you too I-”

“I love you. I really love you.”



Still embracing each other, Donghae stood on tippy toe and kissed Donghae passionately on the lips. Hyukjae returned the kiss eagerly, sucking on his lover’s lips greedily.

“I love you..” Donghae whispered.

“I love you more.” Hyukjae smirked and he let his hands roam freely over Donghae’s back, knowing he was truly the luckiest guy in the world to meet someone like Donghae, who would almost kill himself just to be with his lover.


They spent hours the next day looking around for Hyukjae’s mother. But wherever they looked, she was nowhere to be found. Hyukjae knew that Donghae was tired, but he didn’t complain once as they went through the deep forest.

“Let’s rest here.” Hyukjae fell down on the sand, staring out into the sea.

Donghae silently sat down next to him, pushing his sweaty bangs out from his face.

Hyukjae threw a rock at the sea, and heard the loud splash. He sighed. This was all his fault. He made Donghae come here and they were close to dying and there was no trace of his mother at all.

“Hey Eunhyukkie, look over there.”

Hyukjae turned to look at where Donghae was pointing. There was a thin figure, lying on the dirty wet sand near the water.

Hyukjae’s heart skipped a beat.

He scrambled up and tripping over his feet, he ran over to the shore. Donghae followed closely behind him.

“Mother? Mother?”

There was no answer.


She was covered in blood and mud. Her hair was in terrible condition, and her lips were cracked. She had a black eye and her shirt was ripped.

She looked beautiful.



His mother started to violently throb, streams of tears running down her bloody cheek. She cried in pain as she tried to move herself to be with her son, and more tears ran down her beautiful face.



Hyukjae hesitated but he tried to go to his mother. Donghae had to force the thrashing Hyukjae back to his original spot by pulling him back and holding onto his wrist to keep him from moving.

“Stay where you are Hyukkie... Please. I’m infected with all sorts of diseases and I’ve just been attacked by a bear. I don’t want you to catch anything from me…”


His mother looked at him, her eyes wet and shining from all the tears.

“I’m so sorry I made you come all the way here. I’ve been a terrible mother...”

“NO! Don’t say that!”

“Hyukjae no wait, I need to tell you this. I’m here on this island because I’ve run away. I had this marionette…this puppet that was from sent from my grandparents. I was told to take good care of it...but I never did. So I had a dream…in which I went back in time and saw people from my family who are long gone, get killed by your father’s old relatives. I woke up shaking and I could never look at your father’s parents the same way again. I stole something terribly valuable from them, and they of course found out. They told me that I could never see you and your father again. So I ran away, and I came here thinking that I would be safe here. Obviously I made a huge mistake. But now that I know that you have a lovely boyfriend-” she smiled at Donghae, who blushed and looked down at the ground, “-and I know that you’ve grown into the wonderful man I wanted you to be. Tell your father I love him. And remember, I will always love you Hyukjae.”

“Wait! Mother!”

“For heaven’s sake Hyukjae, call me mom! Mother sounds so old fashioned… I bet your father told you to call him and me that didn’t he? Ahh, Donghyun.” His mother smiled slightly, “I miss Donghyun. He was always strict… I suspect he still is but trust me, he loves you more than anything.”


“Yes! He loves you dearly.” His mother started to cough, and she gasped for air slightly but went on as if nothing happened. “He loves you…and I love you too Hyukjae.”


His mother was silent for a moment, her eyes tightly closed in pain.


“Hyukjae….” She heaved, her voice barely a whisper. “I love you...”


Hyukjae fell to the ground as he continued to call out to his mother. He looked up at Donghae, who had tears in his eyes and back to his mother.

She had disappeared, not a trace left of her.


He couldn’t stop crying. The tears just came down like a waterfall, and Hyukjae didn’t care.


There was nothing he could do. He was tired and he knew Donghae was tired as well. He couldn’t bring his mother back to life, and he couldn’t go back in time.

“Mother….Mom I love you…”


Hyukjae’s father had sent helicopters to look for Hyukjae, and they soon came. As they lowered the ladder down, Hyukjae couldn’t stop shaking and he constantly had to grab on to Donghae’s hand.

“Shh it’s okay Hyukjae...it’s okay…”

Donghae was the only one who could coax Hyukjae, and once they were in the helicopter, Hyukjae fell into deep sleep.

“Is he okay?” one of the pilots asked.

“Well he just watched his mother die so, yeah obviously.” Donghae replied bitterly. He soon regretted it though, and he apologized quickly.

Donghae stroked Hyukjae’s cheek gently, and looked outside the window at the marvelous view. The helicopter was large and fancy, and they were even bringing the boats with them.

Soon they arrived at Korea and Donghae helped Hyukjae down. He half brought, half carried Hyukjae to his room and rested him on his bed.

“You’re too nice Donghae…” Hyukjae murmured, his eyes half closed. “Thank you so much Donghae...”

“it’s okay Eunhyukkie, it’s the most I can do before I...”

“Before you what?”


Suddenly, Hyukjae’s father poked his head through the door.

“May I walk in and join you two’s conversation?”

Hyukjae lowered his head but let his father in. Donghae scooted over and let the man sit.

After a few moments of silence, Hyukjae looked up and stared into his father’s eyes.

“Mother, I mean, Mom said she loves you.”

“You...you found her?”

“Yeah. She was still beautiful by the way.”

Hyukjae’s father looked away, and nodded slowly.

“What else did she say?”

“She said something about why she had to run away or something, which was really weird since it was like marionette, puppet, going back in time or something like that. I don’t know what it means but it’s strange, like a puppet ruining your life you know? That would be so scary.”

Donghae fiddled with his fingers, not sure where to look as Hyukjae said this sentence.

“And also…” Hyukjae bit his lip and sighed a bit. “I’m sorry.”


“I always thought you never loved me...but I guess I thought wrong. Mom told me how much you really cared about me and now…I regret saying all those things. I’m sorry.”

His father smiled, the first real smile Hyukjae had seen in his life.

“I’m sorry too. And…this is really cheesy and I’m sure you youngsters don’t want to hear this but I love you Hyukjae. And you.” He turned to Donghae, who jumped up in surprise.

“Yes sir!”

 Hyukjae’s father laughed, and he patted Donghae on the back.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Donghae.”

“Donghae? Well hello my name is Donghyun. I’m Hyukjae’s father as you can see and I want you to take good care of Hyukjae. Understand?”

Donghae smiled uneasily but he nodded. “Yes of course sir!”

“Do you love my son as much as I love him?”

“Yes sir!”

The three men laughed, sitting on Hyukjae’s bed and having a fun time that they hadn’t experienced in a long time.


“Let’s go here Eunhyukkie~” Donghae gushed, pulling Hyukjae around the crazy city of Seoul. They were on their first official date after the tragic incident, and Donghae was trying to do as many things as he could with Hyukjae.

“Aigoo, where are you taking me?” Hyukjae laughed.

“It’s a seecrettt~”

The two lovers grinned at each other and they crossed the road hand in hand, not caring what other people thought about them.

“Here! We’re here Eunhyukkie!”

Hyukjae untangled himself from Donghae and felt like he was going to hyperventilate.


“And guess what! It’s not just any aquarium; it’s called Silver Sea Aquarium! Like Eunhae! Our couple name!”

Hyukjae kissed Donghae a great big sloppy but cute kiss and they walked inside.

“Eunhae~~ Eunhae~ it’s so cute!”

“Just like you baby~”

They traveled along the walls of the aquarium while giving each other cute and cheesy pickup lines.

“Oh Eunhyukkie I have to give you something.” Donghae said when they were eating lunch together at the aquarium.

“here.” Hyukjae handed Donghae a thin bundle of something wrapped in brown paper, and Hyukjae looked at it warily.

“What is it?”

“It’s a marionette. A puppet. My father gave it to me before he died. You’re supposed to give it to the person you love the most before you die, usually a family member but my brother has his own from our mother and so I’m giving it to you since I love you. You have to promise me that you’ll take good care of this because if you do, you’ll get the same amount of love back in return. If you don’t though…you’ll be hurt ten times as much as you hurt the marionette. It’s like a curse and we’re supposed to hand it over, even if we don’t want to. Most people take care of it though so they don’t have to go through any pain. But those who were too lazy…they had to suffer a lot. So please, please promise me you’ll take care of it. Please?”

Hyukjae stared at the bundle, and carefully picked it up.

“Is…is this the same thing that my mother..”

“I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. But will you promise me-”

“Why did you say ‘before I die’? You make it seem like you’re going to-”

“Just promise me Eunhyukkie. Please?”

“Of course. I’ll take care of it just for you and I’ll give it to someone I love before I die. Okay.”

Donghae’s bright smile returned and Hyukjae’s heart melted once again. They went back to eating as if nothing had occurred.

When the aquarium was over, Hyukjae decided to take Donghae to a little fancy Italian restaurant.

“Come here Donghae now I have to take you somewhere!”

“Where are you taking me?”

“Close your eyes baby~”

Donghae obediently closed his eyes, and together they cautiously went towards the Italian restaurant.

“Oh Donghae, you should hurry, the lights going to turn red soon!” Hyukjae called out, still holding on to Donghae’s hand as they rushed across the road.

Donghae nodded. But he didn’t want to. He knew what was going to happen, he knew what was there waiting for him…

“Eunhyukkie? I have to tell you something.”

“Hurry Donghae! But yeah what is it?”

Donghae closed his eyes tightly, bracing himself.

“I love you Eunhyukkie. I love you.”

“I love you too Donghae, but please hurry-” Hyukjae let go of Donghae’s hand, thinking that his eyes were open and he was running along with him.

Donghae fell, his knees scraping across the concrete and suddenly a car came smashing into him. Black dots danced in front of him. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe.


“Donghae?” Hyukjae turned back and he gasped once he realized what had happened.

“Donghae.” Hyukjae ran up to Donghae, shaking him.

“Donghae!” He felt his stomach drop when he saw that Donghae wasn’t moving.



Hyukjae heard the grandfather clock chime, notifying that the time was now 12 in the morning. He tossed and turned. He counted up to a thousand sheep, always losing track of the number in the middle. He rolled over to the fresher side of the bed. He tried to do math in his head. Nothing worked. He couldn’t go to sleep.

Dried tears were everywhere all over his face, so he got up to go wash his face. Splashing the water all over him, he sighed, the image drifting into his mind again. Dragging his feet across his room, he opened the window and was about to go back to his bed when something caught his eye.

A piece of paper.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and shuffled over to pick it up from his table. It was a letter addressed to him.

He cried out loud when he read the first two words.

Dear Eunhyukkie,

His fingers shook, making the whole paper quiver. The words on the page floated around, and he felt hot tears stream down from his face. Biting his lip to not crumble apart, he continued to read on.

Hi Eunhyukkie! It’s me Donghae! I hope you aren’t crying when you see this…I don’t want you to be sad. Please don’t cry when you read this okay?


You’re still crying!

I can tell!

You know why I can tell?

Because I’m Donghae! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Today is our 95 day anniversary, did you know that? I still remember everything, do you? I remember on December 27 I met you at the snow when I was with my brother. I remember on January 2 when I first learned your name when you were salting the ground. I remember January 3 when we went tobogganing together. January 4 when we had a snow ball fight. January 5 when we played chess because it was too cold to do anything outside. January 6 when we made a snow man even though you said it was childish – you still had fun right? I remember January 7 when school started and I walked to school with you. I remember February 10, the terrible incident that happened. But I’m kind of glad it happened because I think we got closer.  February 14; Valentine’s Day was an awkward day for us, because weren’t an official couple, but I really liked you. March 5 is a special day for me, because that was when I first told you I loved you, and I really meant it. Then I remember March 6, when you suddenly disappeared. I remember March 10 when I found you and I kissed you. Do you remember that kiss? It was perfect. I remember March 15, when we found your mother. I now understand where you get your beauty from. I remember March 16, when you started getting closer with your father. I remember March 20, when we made love. I bet you would have liked it to be rougher but we really made love. And now today is March 31, the day before our date. I’m really excited for tomorrow; let’s eat lots of jajangmyeon and hold hands together and not care about what anyone thinks of us, okay? I want that day to be a very special day for us.

Don’t cry yet Eunhyukkie! I still have more to say. There’s a reason why I’m writing this for you.

Tomorrow, I’m going to give you a marionette. It’s like a curse, and I hate it but I have to give it to the person that I love, otherwise that person will suffer more than if I give it to them. Please promise me that you will take good care of it. If you do, you will be rewarded and you will receive the same amount of love that you give it. If you hurt it in any way though, you will feel ten times as much pain that you gave to the marionette. I don’t want you to be hurt like I was, so please please please promise me that you will take care of it. Please.

These last few weeks I hadn’t really been with the marionette and I almost threw it away in the trash. Because of that, when I fell asleep on the boat while going to the island, I had a dream. I saw the future. I saw myself walking hand in hand with you and I saw myself die in a car crash. I know you won’t believe this and it’s hard for me to believe it too but I know that it’s going to happen.

But I know that when I die, something else will be born so I’ve accepted it. I know what is going to happen tomorrow and I’m going to be ready for it. Please don’t feel like it’s your fault, it isn’t. I’m going to die anyways somehow and I’d rather die with you next to me.

Don’t cry Eunhyukkie! It’s not your fault at all! Please don’t cry.

It’s almost three in the morning so I’ll end this letter with a few last words.

I love you and I’m glad I met you that day. I’m glad I moved here and I’m glad I went to the same school as you. I’m glad I was born and I’m glad that you were born as well. I’m glad I fell in love with you.

And most importantly,

I love you.

I really love you.

If I ever relive again, I will still love you.

I will never forget your gummy smile and I will never forget the nickname Eunhyukkie.

I love you and I always will.

This became a lot longer than I expected but honestly, I could say this forever.

I love you.

I love you.

Eunhyukkie! Guess what!

I love you Eunhyukkie. I love you.

~Lee Donghae

 Hyukjae fell to the ground. He scraped his knee on the floor but he didn’t care. The world around him was swaying and blurry. The floor beneath him was covered with drops of tears. He couldn’t breathe properly. He couldn’t see anything. Everything seemed to be spinning too quickly. But nothing would change the fact that Donghae had died.

“Donghae...” Hyukjae whispered. It was his left bit of energy left in his body. He was going to collapse any minute. “Donghae, I love you. Never forget me okay? I will take care of that marionette, and I will always love you. I won’t love anyone else but you. Your Eunhyukkie will always be there for you. I love you. I love you…”





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Sep. 6th, 2012 01:37 am (UTC)
Sep. 3rd, 2012 08:00 am (UTC)
i was not expecting that ending. now i'm crying and sobbing so hard. this was a really touching story. i felt sad that hyukkie had a really rough time with his dad but donghae made everything right. to me the story is perfect although Hae hae is die at the end. hyukkie learn to love,and got close to his dad.

but i'm still crying.
Sep. 6th, 2012 01:34 am (UTC)
let me cry with you ;~;
I am such a horrible human being, i kill off my bias, i make his lover suffer and his mom freaking dies OTL
but i'm glad you liked it bb~ <3 omg perfect? no, that is too much, but thank you <3 <3
thank you so much for reading and commenting! i'm actually starting to write the next /section/ to this and it's going to be sad too ;~;
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