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The Secret Between Our Kisses (oneshot)

Title: The Secret Between our Kisses (oneshot)
Author: haepi_kyuhyuk
Genre: romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Focus: heebum (Heechul x Kibum)
Summary: Heechul has been dumped by his girlfriend because he’s a ‘bad kisser’ and goes to Kibum for lessons on how to kiss…but what if this was all just a trick by Heechul to kiss Kibum?

Kibum was just sitting on the dorm couch in his dorm room, reading a book when suddenly, Heechul crashed into him, sending the book sprawling on the floor.

“Heechul?” Kibum asked, blinking his eyes from the sudden motion.

“Yah Kibum, are you busy right now?”

“Uh not really..”

“Okay awesome. Is anyone else here?”
“No I don’t think so.”

“Okay okay.” Heechul sat down next to Kibum on the sofa, sighing heavily. “Well, okay. I don’t even know where to start. So basically, um…well my girlfriend broke up with me.”
“You had a girlfriend?”

“Uh yeah? You didn’t know? Well she’s my ex-girlfriend now. The thing is, she broke up with me because-”

“Because you were too pretty.”


“Because you were rude.”
“Wait no-”

“Because you aren’t exactly the straightest guy in the world.”

“What are you-”


“Wait wait, shut up. Stop guessing Kibum. She broke up with me because...well, she said I was a bad kisser.”

Kibum burst out laughing, almost falling off the couch.
“Oh my god are you serious? That is hilarious; I would have never guessed that.”

“It’s not funny! She broke up with me because of that!”
“Well what are you going to do about it? Are you going to go begging for her to give you another chance?”

“Hell no. Kim Heechul doesn’t do that type of crap. I don’t go around bowing down to people. People do that to me.”

“Of course. So what are you going to do?”

Heechul looked at Kibum with his best pouting expression.

“I need you to do me a favour.”
“Aw come on, don’t look at me like that.”

“This is really awkward and I know you’re going to say no but I have to ask you.”
“What is it. Put that really cute pout away off your face.”

“Will you…will you teach me how to kiss well?”


“Please Kibum! Pleaseee! I will do anything, I promise, will you please please please please teach me how to kiss well?”

Kibum sighed, the look on Heechul’s face melting him. 

“Fine. Fine. I will. I am going to regret this later but whatever. I will. You owe me big time.”
“Thank you! I love you Kibum-ssi, that you so much!” Heechul wrapped his arms around Kibum, and bounced out of the room. “Tomorrow, I’ll come here and you can teach me arasso? Gomawo~”

Kibum went over to pick up his book, his face warm from Heechul’s aegyo, but also from the embarrassing thought of teaching Heechul to kiss.

How the hell was he going to do that?


Heechul couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The plan worked so successfully, it was silly. Of course he had no girlfriend. Of course he wasn’t dumped because he was a bad kisser. He just wanted to kiss Kibum without being the awkward duckling that he was.

He was such a good actor.

Patting himself on the back, he went to his dorm room and posed in front of the full length mirror.

I should look go tomorrow... he thought to himself.

He knew that he was going to have to play it cool and not go crazy when Kibum kissed him. He was going to have to be a bad kisser and then BAM surprise Kibum with his wonderful beautiful kisses that caused fanboy’s and fangirl’s hearts to die.

He showed off his famous smirk and checked himself out.

He couldn’t wait for tomorrow.


True enough, Heechul came walking in Kibum’s dorm room the next day, wearing black jeans and a crazy top like always. Kibum had been watching TV, but he had to look at Heechul because of that really annoying bright shit that he was wearing.

“Okay let’s start Kibum-ssi.” Heechul squished next to Kibum like yesterday. Kibum scooted away, noticing that Heechul was sitting too close to him for his liking but Heechul scooted even closer.

Kibum sighed and turned off the TV. He turned to face Heechul gingerly, not sure how to start explaining how to kiss.

Heechul on hand was jumping up and down on the sofa.

Kibum was not prepared at all as Heechul leaned in and gave Kibum a kiss.

A very sloppy and wet kiss.

“Bleh! Heechul! What are you doing?” Kibum shoved Heechul away, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Was that good? That was bad right… let me try again-”

Heechul attacked Kibum once more, Kibum flailing under him.

“Heechul! Heechul!”

“Oh my god Kibum, I can’t do this, that was terrible right? I need to try again, just-”

“Wait! Wait Heechul-” Kibum pushed Heechul away, covering his mouth. “J-Just wait. I’ll teach you how to kiss.”

Heechul stopped trying to kiss Kibum and sat patiently in front of the other. Once Kibum made sure that Heechul wasn’t going to do anything again, he stared intently into Heechul’s eyes, and began his lesson on kissing.

“So first,” Kibum leaned closer to Heechul, never taking his eyes off of him. “-first you have enjoy your partner, just with your eyes. Take him or her in, just breath his air and just lock eyes with him. Mesmerise him. Seduce him with your eyes...”  

Carefully, Kibum crawled on to Heechul, their lips just millimetres apart.

“Tease him gently, and just continue seducing him…” Kibum whispered, stroking Heechul’s cheek with his fingers delicately.

“and when you kiss, don’t start straight with the lips. Start from the collarbone-” Kibum tilted his head and gently tugged on Heechul’s shirt to kiss his collarbone, “then work your way up the neck.” Kibum slowly started to suck on Heechul’s milky white neck, making Heechul gasp. “and don’t forget the beautiful jawline.” Kibum licked them, savouring the beginnings of Heechul’s taste with his tongue. “And last but not least, go for the kill.” Kibum looked at Heechul’s plump lips and started to kiss him, but not passionately just yet. Their lips just brushed past each other, but Heechul was already a moaning mess.
“and then…”

Kibum didn’t even have to finish his sentence as he pushed his tongue between Heechul’s lips. Heechul jolted up right at the sweet touch, and his hands magically started to roam all over Kibum’s back.

Still sucking on Heechul’s red lips, Kibum bit them gently, and he felt Heechul’s private instantly harden.

“Kibumm…Kibumm..” Heechul was whimpering, and Kibum had to smirk at that.

“it’s okay Hyung..it’s okay..” Kibum played with Heechul’s tongue teasingly, messing his hair with one hand, and squeezing Heechul’s ass with the other.

When Heechul started to grind his hips with Kibum, Kibum backed away, kissing Heechul’s lips softly one last time and then parting away.

“Okay. You seem to know what to do now. Kay bye.” Kibum looked away embarrassed, not believing that he just passionately kissed Heechul.

“Wait..” Heechul grabbed Kibum’s hand, licking his lips to taste Kibum’s saliva more. “Wait..”

“You were a moaning mess Heechul, look at your hair.” Kibum couldn’t help but laugh when he saw how messy Heechul’s hair had become.
Normally Heechul would of cared greatly. But this time, he just pulled Kibum onto his lap and started to kiss him, just like how Kibum had taught him.

Kibum first flailed to get away but eventually, he died under the sexy kiss.

“You’re..such a…good kisser..” Kibum mumbled, his mouth never wanting to leave Heechul’s.

Heechul smiled, playing with Kibum’s Adams apple.
“I didn’t have a girlfriend and if I had one, she would never break up with me, especially not because I’m a bad kisser. Sorry Kibum, but I tricked you to kiss you.”


Heechul smirked, that famous smirk of his.

“I’m such a good actor aren’t I.”





Happy birthday Kibum~ we miss you!


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Aug. 22nd, 2012 05:14 am (UTC)
yeah ikr, i miss him so much~ but i'm glad he's doing what he likes, acting in dramas~ :D
/i love italy is so hot omg he's a swimmer <3 <3/
it's perfectly normal that heechul is prettier than like most girls out there lmao
i lovee youu too~ <3
Aug. 21st, 2012 01:00 am (UTC)
awww!! love heechul oppa
he soo cunning and just awesome and ofc love kibum
Aug. 22nd, 2012 05:14 am (UTC)
i love them too~ and i miss them so much
thank you for reading and commenting! <3
Aug. 22nd, 2012 05:48 am (UTC)
“Because you aren’t exactly the straightest guy in the world.”
I love how Kibum is such a smart ass XD

“Aw come on, don’t look at me like that.”
I'm picturing the way Heechul looks and it's hilarious lol.

"He just wanted to kiss Kibum without being the awkward duckling that he was."
I fucking love your similes, Rika XD

“Okay. You seem to know what to do now. Kay bye.”

This was awesome omg ^_^

Bitches love Kibum.

And picturing Heechul as a moaning mess.... ugh i hate you Rika it's too sexy!!!!


Lol I love youuuu <333333

*gives you a sloppy wet Heechul kiss*
Aug. 22nd, 2012 05:53 am (UTC)
/lol bitches love kibum xD/
hehe~ heechul is always sexeehh~ XD
i loovee youuu~ <3 <3 *gives you sexy kibum kiss*
thank you for reading bb~ :D
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