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The Silver Thief Lord

Title: The Silver Thief Lord-Chapter Four
Author: haepi_kyuhyuk
Genre: drama, angst, action, romance
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Violence, swearing, kind of gory here :/
Main Pairing/Focus: Haehyuk
Character Bio: Here
Summary: The life changing story of a boy with the name Lee Hyukjae, and the most-wanted criminal, the Silver Thief Lord.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

I saw flashes of red and white light, fighting each other in the darkness. They looked like swords slashing each other, sometimes mixing into a pretty pink colour.

The white light grew slightly bigger, and at the same time my breathing became heavier.

I tried to say something, but I couldn’t. It felt like someone, something was holding my throat tightly and not letting go.

“H..Help..me..” I heaved, life threatening to slip through my fingers. “S-Someone…Anyone..save…me..”
I had never been so scared in my life.

Remember when I told you that I wasn’t scared of anything?

And then I told you that actually I was scared of many things but I just never admitted it?

I bet you don’t.

Well, now I’ll admit another thing I’m afraid of.


And I had never been so close to it in my life.

Suddenly, the red light that was slowly fading away grew larger, and it grew until it was overpowering the white light. The red sword-like light slashed with its last bit of power and the white light screamed, and all went black.


I slowly opened my eyes, squinting at the bright sunlight that was coming through a window. I looked around. I saw Leeteuk dabbing a wet towel on my forehead, Kangin massaging my feet, Sungmin who was checking my temperature and Donghae.


Leeteuk saw that I was awake and sighed in relief.
“Thank goodness, we thought you were gone forever!”
“Wh-where...where am I?” I asked, still gasping for air after the red and white lights fighting.

“You’re at Sungmin’s house silly.” Kangin said with those intense eyes of his.
“It was good thing Donghae was there, otherwise you would have died.” Sungmin said as if death was nothing scary at all.
“What? D-Donghae wasn’t there...” I whispered.

But no one said anything as Leeteuk pushed something in my mouth and I fell back in deep sleep.


I had a million questions to ask but no one bothered to answer me. I was still on my haystack, with Leeteuk taking care of me. I needed to talk to Donghae as soon as I could.

But of course, Leeteuk wouldn’t let me go until he was sure that I was okay.
“Leeteuk ssi, I’m okay! I can walk perfectly fine now, let me go already.” I sighed, impatiently.

Leeteuk sighed, pulling his chair closer to the haystack.
“Are you sure? Are you breathing properly? Are you okay?”

“Yes! I’m talking right now!”

I pushed myself off my ‘bed’ and got up angrily.
“I need to go talk to Donghae. I’ll be back.”

I found Donghae at the garden, looking at tomatoes. I guess he likes tomatoes or something. 


He literally jumped ten feet in the air, almost dropping his fish toy. What was up with that toy anyway?

“Hey sorry if I scared you. I just have a qu-”

“If it has anything to do with the…the incident, then don’t ask me. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“That’s probably the longest sentence you ever said to me.  No it’s not about that. I just want to ask you, why…why are you afraid of the forest?”

Donghae fiddled with his fingers, not sure how to answer.

“I...I…Something happened to me…when...I... I went to the forest one time. I used to love going there. Then-”

“Donghae-ah, what are you talking about to Hyukjae?” Sungmin walked in, interrupting us.

I couldn’t help but glare at him. I was finally getting Donghae to talk to me and fucking Sungmin just cockblocks everything.

Sungmin saw and glared back.
“Yes? Why are you glaring at me?”

“I just got Donghae to talk to me and you freaking interrupt him.”

“Oh I’m sorry. Donghae, go on with what you were saying.”

Donghae looked scared at our quarrel and wheeled back a bit.

“N-Nothing…forget what I said Hyukjae... you don’t want to know anyway.”
“No tell me Donghae, I want to know-”

“Donghae doesn’t want to say it so stop bothering him. Ask me instead if you really want to know.” Sungmin pushed me back into the house still glaring at me.
“What did you ask him.” he asked me once he closed the door.


“It didn’t seem like nothing to me. Ask me whatever you were trying to asking Donghae.”

“Why doesn’t Donghae like the forest?”

“Because…because something happened to him when he was there once.”

“What happened?”
Sungmin sighed.

“Do you really want to know?”

“All you need to know is that there’s something called the Dark Black Tailed Spirit, which has a beautiful white body of a panther with an ink black tail that lives in the forest, and a Silver White Tailed Spirit, which has a pure black body of a water tiger with a silver coloured tail that lives in the ocean.”

“What is it exactly?”

“It’s a spirit.”

“A spirit? That’s not that bad-”

“If you ever look at it directly, there’s no turning back. It’ll catch you and bit into you.”

“And then..?”
“And then you become possessed by them. You can’t look at things directly and wherever they bite you, you can’t use it anymore. You aren’t a regular human being. You are part of the spirit. You are a light.”

Why was it that it sounded so much like he was describing Donghae?

 “Tell me Hyukjae, what did you see before you woke up?” Sungmin asked me.
I racked my brain to try to remember what I saw.
“Um, lights. Red and White lights. It looked like two swords clashing each other. I’m not sure but-”

“RED LIGHTS?” he gasped.

“Yeah, and white as well and-”

“This is not good. This is not good at all.”
“Wait why-”

“You don’t understand do you? White light represents the Silver White Tailed Spirit. If it had bitten you, you would have been possessed by it and never been the same again. The only thing that can save you from being bitten by the Silver White Tail is by the Dark Black Tail himself or someone who has been possessed by the Dark Black Tail. Obviously it’s not the Dark Black Tail because his light colour is black and he would never go around saving people. And red…red is Donghae’s light colour.”


I ran away. Not like escaping but I ran away from Sungmin and Donghae’s house. I needed to ask someone what was going on. I needed to talk to someone right now.

“Hangeng..?” I asked as I stepped inside Hangeng’s place. “Hangeng ssi, are you here?”

Hangeng was sitting on a wooden chair, reading the Chinese newspaper. He looked up when he heard me, and grinned happily.
“Yah, Hyukjae-ah, come here! How are you? I heard you got attacked or something, are you okay?” he asked me with his broken Korean.
“Nae, I’m okay thank you. I have a question though; do you know anything about the…the Dark Black Tail and the Silver White Tail?”

Hangeng laughed out loud, and he placed an arm around me.

“Hyukjae-ah do you really believe such a thing? It’s just a horror story, do not worry about it. And do you have an easier name to say, because Hyukjae is so hard to me to pronounce properly.”
“Eunhyuk is fine too. Tell me the story of it then Hangeng.”
“You should ask Sungmin for the really scary one. He told me it when I first came here and it freaked me out for about a day haha. But do you really want to know? I will tell you Eunhyuk.”
I waited and sat down on the floor next to him. Then he began the scariest horror story that I ever heard in my life.

“Once upon a time…there was a boy. A young boy who was probably only the age of five. He loved to swim in the waters and he especially loved to play around in the forest. He and his brother were known in the country side for their cheerful smiles and bright laughter. One day, he went to go to the forest to go pick some berries with his older brother. He ran off ahead of his brother, who didn’t bother running after him, thinking that he would come back.

Oh how he was wrong.

The young boy ran off to his favourite spot where he would play around with chipmunks and squirrels. But that day, he found something strange. It wasn’t like a solid object, nor liquid, nor gas. It was everything mixed together. Dark gray gas surrounded a white body, making the figure hard to see. The only thing that the young boy saw was a dark black tail. The young boy turned around to run away but it was too late. The figure revealed itself, showing a bright white furry body of a panther and fangs like a bull’s horn. It’s claws were sharper than any knife the young boy had seen in his life. He tried to run away, but his legs felt like jelly. The white panther slowly crawled to him, and bit the young boy’s leg.

The last thing he saw was a Dark Black Tail, which is why it is not called the Dark Black Tailed Spirit.

The older brother heard a scream and ran to wherever his younger brother was. He looked everywhere, and finally saw him, sprawled on the floor, blood everywhere.

The young boy lost his ability to walk and he can never see anything directly again. The older brother who was always so happy, never smiled and never let Donghae go anywhere near the forest.

And it was told that they were never the same again.”

I was silent for a moment, not believing my ears. Then, Hangeng heartedly slapped my arm.
“Or at least from what Sungmin-ah told me. Don’t worry, it’s not true.”

“What else did he say about  the spritis?”

“Oh he also said that the Silver White Tailed Sprit is basically the Dark Black Tail’s companion. It’s body is of a pure black water tiger and it’s tail is Silvery White, which gives it the name. And if you are possessed by one of them, then you get a special light colour or something. I’m not really sure about that.”
“Did he say anything about...Donghae…and the...”

“Oh yes he did. He said…oh what was that word again? I forgot. But it was something like…Donghae was…oh what was that word again I just said it before...oh right! Donghae was possessed by the Dark Black Tailed Spirit.”


I apologize, this is so much gory than the other chapters and I hope I don’t lose any readers because of this… but I hope you enjoyed at least a little bit of it and comments are more than welcome! ^^

Also, I've posted up a little gif / fangirling spam post that just basically spazzes about the wonderful-ness of Super Junior pairings, click Here to check it out  if you're interested ^^

Thank you for reading~ <3 and the next chapter will come out soon! :D

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Aug. 14th, 2012 07:48 am (UTC)
oh so that's what happen to hae in the forest.. but if his already possessed that means that the spirit can't do anything bad to him anymore because somehow his already theirs, right?? guess he was traumatize that's why he doesn't like to go there anymore.. poor hae.. oh why wasn't sungmin "bitten" by the spirit and only hae??

I would actually like it even more if it was actually hae who told hyukkie everything instead of minnie interrupting their moment..

if the white light was actually the silver tailed spirit then does that mean the silver tailed wanted eunhyuk and the red light which is actually hae, saved him for it.. I wonder what light eunhyuk will actually obtain if he was "bitten".. I'm guess blue.. that suits him..

thank you for updating ^^
Aug. 15th, 2012 03:18 am (UTC)
oh but maybe sungmin isnt as bad as you think..muahah lol omg okay
thank you for reading~ <3
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Aug. 15th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
so this is turning into a fantasy one?! /squeals

was hyuk getting bitten? if yes then why didn't he have the same effect as hae is? i mean he is walking and seeing just fine..
and hae was bitten by the dark tailed spirit, right? but then, why hae doesn't posses dark light?
and and why hae and hyuk got bitten in the first place?
@_@ okay you can slap me now before i'm blabbering too much
i will shut my mouth and wait for your next update nicely~
hwaiting! :DD
Aug. 15th, 2012 11:04 pm (UTC)
you like fantasy~ :D yay that's good ^^
no, the red light saved Hyukjae from being bitten so he's not possessed by the Silver White Tailed Spirit
Donghae was possessed by the Dark Tailed Spirit yes but everyone has a different coloured light so his colour isn't black
lol no it's okay~ *hugs*
thank you for reading~ hwaiting :3
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Aug. 14th, 2012 03:32 am (UTC)
this chapter was rlly cool(supernatural?)
dark black tail and silver white tail
dat was rlly awesome
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Aug. 14th, 2012 03:37 am (UTC)
really? it wasn't creepy? :D yay i'm glad you liked it ^^
thank you for reading~ <3 and the next chapter will come out soon :D
Aug. 15th, 2012 12:14 am (UTC)
it wasn't creepy at all..it was very good
Aug. 14th, 2012 05:35 am (UTC)
*hugs Donghae, but then dies from his amazingness*
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WOW. That's a lot of info for one chappy! I wonder how it is that Donghae was able to save Eunhyuk and what exactly the colors mean.
YAY! Donghae talked to Eunhyuk! Hukkie seemed so happy about it!

Don't worry, it wasn't too gory.

I shall wait patiently for the side!KyuMin and maybe even side!HanChul since Hangeng seems to miss China a lot.
Aug. 15th, 2012 03:05 am (UTC)
lol i felt like i wasnt telling you guys anything..so yeah most of the information in one chapter! ^^
omg i havent even thought about it lol.. i'll think of something XD
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Aug. 14th, 2012 10:09 am (UTC)
omg you're like... super fast ;o;
well although it's a bit sudden I still enjoy the change of the situation. The twist of the fantasy is just so cool that I have this amazing picture of the spirits in my head. But it doesn't seem quite cool if I tell you what my imagination looks like is a Chinese painting? uhm.. ok at least i didn't imagine sth like Pink Panther or other ridiculous irrelevant stuffs.

Actually it frightened me a bit knowing that Donghae had ever been attacked by those /dangerous/ beings. Although I still don't understand whether between the two spirits there is one of them who is not dangerous or not... let me re-read it pmsl.

Well keep writing and don't rush things out. Take your time just so you can enjoy more~

Thank you for posting this up ^0^
Aug. 15th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)
i literallly had nothing to do and this is what happens lmao. like five entries in two days ;A;
lol i'm glad you liked it~ :D and lol no it's not supposed to be like the pink panther XD it's kinda like colourful gas swirling around each other and attacking XD if that makes any sense
aw thank you ^^ i just had an exam actually today lol so i'll try to find out what going on in this story too lmao
/even the author doesn know what's going on XD/
thank you for reading! <3
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Aug. 15th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)
i'll give you a hint ^^ red is Donghae's favourite colour XD
yeah lol
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Aug. 17th, 2012 10:29 pm (UTC)
hii~ <3 it's okay, as long as you like the story, i'm totally cool with it XD
hehe thank you ^^ you haven't but i'm glad it amuses you
so basically, you have to get biten by the spirits to be possessed and yeah i guess you have some powers lol
it will all change in the next few chapters i hope lol :P everyone's been saying that and i'm just like WAIT lol XD
the next one will come out soon~ i havent been updating in such a long time :/ but i think it will come out on sat or sunday! thank for reading~ <3
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